La forêt du Koala

La Forêt du Koala is an invitation to recreate a space that doesn’t exist, a claim for a dialogue in which the viewer and his imagination are necessary parts for the reconstruction.

There is a very fine balance between what we see and how we perceive nature. However, there is something underneath, which is always there:

the existence of beauty ready to be perceived.

After being captured, it is shown in snippets and elements from different forests, aiming to encourage the viewer to reconstruct it.

Photographs of trees, always paired, out of context and scale, and objet trouvé installations considerably altered, which provide matter and time, are the elements that make up this game in which the viewer is required to rescue them all and enjoy putting them back together in his own way.

Special thanks to Julio Ulanga for documentation pictures #3, 7 & 10

Downloads (ENGLISH)
Artwork dossier
Exhibition dossier – Sept.2011
Descargas (CASTELLANO)
Dossier de obra
Dossier de la exposición – Sept.2011