Vida Parada

Naturaleza muerta (dead nature)
is the Spanish term for still life.
Vida Parada is just its literal translation.

Interesting facts which may occur, contrary to the conventional belief, tend to happen plenty and often. But it is usually not easy discoverable. We need though a new and distracted way of looking at something that we have already seen to become able of entering its beauty. This is our only way to take part in the game of composition where nature takes centre stage inside the geometric limits of the great city.

This are the new rules and the new characters.

Within the frontiers of the urban net, The Towers stand. They have set themselves up as banner of the Nature not yet dead.
The Watchers are the main characters here; they hold the core task. They observe us trying to be observed at the same time. And not only they reject the plot that gives them sense by overlapping themselves to it, but also they constantly try to defy it (with different degrees of success).
And in a deeper layer there are The Captives who decided on a voluntary basis to stay behind the scene, expectant but remaining unable to return to the external surface since they are now part of it and have completely lost their three-dimensionality.

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