Abe The Ape

Since the vase has little rabbit heads on it, let’s put a bunch of carrots instead of flowers – said the Ape while zipping the foam of his beer.
Even better! – answered David – We’ll put the vase in a container made out of carrots. The cointained container, that’s it. It has to be like rabbits’ heaven, all full of carrots neatly awaiting to be eaten.

At that time he was not quite sure of his own words, but still they toasted.

Long life for the Animals!



Assistants: Isabel Vinuesa & Mar Moseguí
Construction: 4D Escenografías
Also helped: Abraham Menéndez, Julieta Álvarez, Francisco Minaya & Rocío Álvarez

Ceramic Collection by Abe The Ape.

Abe The Ape