Chromatic Sentence III

Chromatic Language is an empirical research project.

Its aim is to establish a dialogue between the geometric simplicity, articulated by the use of balanced color areas, and the rhythmic and compositional criteria of their implementation, as a result of the investigation of the light visual experience, space, color and time.

The painted color alternation offers resistance to the viewer’s eye within the perception of the whole composition, dragging it to participate in this game of rhythms and to learn the generated language, result of the steady lying and wait for the existing beauty.

The different elements are modulated in a methodical linguistic manner, where relative positions have a correspondence with the different grammatical components of the sentence (subject, verb, complements, etc.)
 Colors assume the semantic role, and try to elaborate a parallel chromatic glossary that has to be both precise and consistent.

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Chromatic Language

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Chromatic Language