The Twin

The Twin is a project about the photographic reconstruction of the beauty.

Over a period of a year, a team of artists and photographers commissioned and directed by Beauty Lab DDZ, are going to do development the documentation and reproduction the photographs that have been agreed like echoes of basis for a The Twin project.

We will again seek the scenarios, the lights and the garments of those original photos. We will use their same frames and focal length and will be obsessed with their compositions, but we will allow ourselves some licenses which are a new way of interpreting.

Our aim is not to copy the images, it is to pay homage to the sensitivity of the original authors and we will seek deeper connections between their concepts of beauty.

And then, each of these originals represent  one of the hundred sisters or one of the hundred reference mirrors for the hundred portraits that we will take and will use the same model like a only twin in all of them in our case.

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